I am a patient of Dr. William Jimenez. Your attention is excellent as a doctor, as a person is wonderful, I'm two surgeries with him, in which I went right for the patient both in the surgery and when leaving she cares. His aides have a special relationship with the patient, their care is excellent, we collaborate as one patient at all. In his practice care is excellent as both the people who order the Doctor is wonderful God bless your hands, your soul and your heart. It is very good and noble person. I feel super good, I'm someone else and I see my body really well, I am very happy I and my family is also.

— Sincerely. Emma María Peláez CC. Bugalagrande 29,315,975

would like to acknowledge to be very pleased with my tummy tuck surgery, and the results were as expected, without any complications, improving my self-esteem as before surgery had excess skin in the abdomen and has now been eliminated by aforementioned surgery. Similarly inform me before and after the procedure, step by step telling me before and after. I have not submitted any setbacks in my process during surgery and the surgeon controls have been followed and proper manner.

— Omar Alonso Villada Serna, con CC.6.382.531de Palmira (Valle)

Medic: I never imagined that the end of my journey was to have such suffering that only God knows, and God knows that my pain was so great that killed my faith and hope. But God in his infinite wisdom put it to you on my way to fill my heart with love, faith and hope, and his great humanity, understanding and affection, gave me back the strength and courage to go on. I have no words to express my admiration and respect as a plastic surgeon and my eternal gratitude. I'll take your name written in the soul, in what remains of my life and deserved these words as I wrote them with the tips of my heart.

— Atte. Marleny Saldarriaga Blandón CC.29.801.919 Marzo - 2014